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Case Study - agricultural vehicles

02 May 2024   |    Case Study

Stainless Steel SMA Cable Assembly used in advanced GPS for Agricultural Vehicles

PCB mounted SMA connectors

04 April 2024   |    New Product

Value engineered for lowest price without sacrificing reliability

Low cost IP67 Cable Assemblies

04 April 2024   |    New Product

CAB602 & CAB603 Developed to give great performance at a highly completive price.

Gradconn Signs New Distribution Partner

01 April 2024   |    News Release

GradConn's range of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies are now available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution.

SUS316 SMA Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies

27 March 2024   |    New Product

CAB569 & CAB670 Developed for the harshest of environments.

RFPC-SMA23 PCB-mount end-launch SMA jack connector

01 February 2024   |    New Product

GradConn's RFPC-SMA23-FN-186-A PCB-mount end-launch SMA jack connector has IP68 and IP69K protection.

Stainless steel PCB mount bulkhead SMA jack

25 January 2024   |    New Product

GradConn has launched a new product for your applications where a stainless-steel body is a must and space is at a premium.

PCB mount TNC with IP67 & IP68 rating - Mated and Unmated

05 December 2023   |    New Product

Designed for PCB mount to bulkhead applications and to deliver IP67 and IP68 rating, mated or unmated.

SMA stick antennas cover up to 3 frequency bands

01 October 2023   |    New Product Range

RF antennas, or Radio Frequency antennas, are vital for wireless communication systems, enabling devices like phones and radios to transmit and receive electromagnetic signals.

8GHz and IP67/68 rated SMA bulkhead assemblies

27 July 2023   |    New Product

Designed for applications requiring C band frequency and exceptional environmental performance, GradConn's latest Nautilus SMA cable assemblies are rated at DC to 8GHz with IP67/68 protection.

Value Engineered SMA to I-PEX MHF 4 & 4L assemblies

20 July 2023   |    New Product

I-PEX and GradConn are pleased to announce a global collaboration for I-PEX MHF series micro connectors to Gradconn bulkhead connector cable assemblies.  

Future Electronics becomes Global Partner

04 July 2023   |    News Release

GradConn’s range of RF cable assemblies and PCB connectors are now available from Future Electronics.

I-PEX and GradConn Announce Collaboration on MHF® series to bulkhead cable assemblies

03 May 2023   |    News Release

We're thrilled to announce that GradConn has partnered globally with I-PEX® for the MHF® series. This partnership enables access to I-PEX MHF® for SMA, BNC, TNC, or other interfaces, while also incorporating GradConn's expertise in IP-rated connectors.

Stainless steel PCB mount bulkhead SMA jack

02 February 2023   |    New Product

GradConn has launched a new product for your applications where a stainless-steel body is a must and space is at a premium.

New Website Launched

06 December 2022   |    News Release

Explore our new site to find the right products for your application now.

Meet Anthony Saccoccia, our new Sales Manager - America

17 November 2022   |    Team

Find out more about our newest member of the US team.

GradConn is proud to support Digi-Key's Golf Social

11 August 2022   |    News Release

GradConn were very pleased to once again support the annual Digi-Key Golf Social on July 30th.

Five year Extended Environmental Simulation (EES) for Nautilus SMA cable assemblies

22 June 2022   |    Product Spotlight

Find out how Nautilus SMA cable assemblies performed in a series of tests, including thermal shock and salt spray, replicating 5 years in the field.

Create robust micro coaxial connections with MMCX

14 June 2022   |    Product Spotlight

GradConn’s MMCX is a micro coaxial connector type for connections requiring integrity, strength, and flexibility on a PCB.

Flange Mount TNC connectors with IP67/68 rating

13 May 2022   |    Product Spotlight

Ideal for applications requiring high levels of ingress protection whilst needing a flange mounted option.

PCB Mount SMA connectors with IP67/68 rating

06 May 2022   |    Product Spotlight

IP67/68 rated PCB mounted SMA connectors are ideal for applications where the comms module does not include an RF interface connector and protection against liquid ingress is critical.

Protect coaxial connections from harsh conditions and tampering

22 March 2022   |    Product Spotlight

Our Nautilus RF cable assemblies boast IP67/IP68/IP69K rating across a range of SMA bulkhead terminated products.

Corrosion resistant Nautilus Cable assemblies with IP68 and IP69K protection

10 March 2022   |    New Product

Designed to withstand extremely harsh environments, Nautilus cable assemblies with stainless steel connectors offer peak performance against corrosion.

Nautilus connector caps provide extra level of ingress protection

09 March 2022   |    New Product

A range of IP67 rated connector caps are now available for the Nautilus coaxial cable assembly and connector range

Stainless Steel Protective Caps for SMA & TNC Connectors

02 March 2022   |    Product Spotlight

Secure MHF® 1LK Micro Connectors with Integrated Locking Mechanism for Use with IP67/IP68/IP69K SMA Coaxial Cable Assemblies

22 February 2022   |    Product Spotlight

Prevent interference on RF cable assembly connections

16 September 2021   |    New Product

GradConn’s new isolated coaxial connectors are designed to provide uninterrupted signal and data without crosstalk.

I-PEX MHF4L LK and MHF 5 options now available for GradConn Cable assemblies

04 February 2021   |    New Product

GradConn expands its range of I-PEX® MHF options to include the secure MHF4L LK and MHF 5L micro connectors for use on standard and Nautilus waterproof coaxial cable assemblies.

Find the right angle for your waterproof coaxial cable assembly

12 August 2020   |    New Product

New 6GHz versions in the popular right-angle SMA configuration now available

GradConn expands USA coverage with specialist distributor Nasco Aerospace & Electronics

22 July 2020   |    News Release

GradConn has partnered up with specialist Aerospace and Electronics distributor Nasco

6GHz Nautilus SMA Coaxial Cable Assemblies Now Available

10 February 2020   |    New Product

GradConn launches a new higher frequency SMA version of its popular Nautilus IP rated coaxial range.

Meet with GradConn at The Engineering Design Show 2019

16 September 2019   |    Exhibition

It's almost time for EDS 2019 and GradConn will be there to showcase its latest innovations.

GradConn signs distribution partnership with Digi-Key Electronics

25 June 2019   |    News Release

GradConn’s popular Nautilus range of waterproof coaxial cable assemblies and connectors is now available through Digi-Key Electronics

Reaching new heights with GradConn’s unique Vertical PCB Mount IP68 Coaxial Connectors

16 May 2019   |    New Product

GradConn introduces two new, first to market, vertical PCB mount variants to its Nautilus range of IP68 rated coaxial connectors. 

Meet GradConn at Silvestone UK for PCB Design & Manufacturing Live 2019

01 May 2019   |    Exhibition

GradConn will be showcasing at PCB Design & Manufacturing Live 2019 at the prestigious Silverstone Circuit Venue on 9th May. Claim your free entry ticket

GradConn Expands Coaxial Cable Assembly Range with New Connector Options

06 December 2018   |    New Product

With the introduction of eight new coaxial assembly options, GradConn's cable assembly range now has over 170 different combinations as standard.

Join GradConn in Vienna for European Utility Week 2018

10 September 2018   |    Exhibition

GradConn will be exhibiting at European Utility Week 2018, hosted in Vienna, Austria from 6th-8th November. claim your free entry ticket to join us there!

Secure Lock MHF I LK Micro Connector now available on GradConn Coaxial Cable Assemblies

22 August 2018   |    New Product

Gradconn further extends its coaxial cable assembly range by introducing the all new MHF-LK micro connector.

Comprehensive Connector Solutions for Smart Meters

30 July 2018   |    New Release

Find out how GradConn Connector solutions are making a big impact on the smart meter equipment market.

Select board to board connectors you need, not just the ones you can find

07 February 2018   |    News Release

Introducing GradConn’s Board to Board Parallel Stacking Calculator with new features for 2018!

Standing Strong in Demanding Waterproof Applications

18 January 2018   |    New Product

IP67/68-Rated PCB Mounted RF Connectors are now available from the Nautilus Range

New Variants Added to GradConn's Nautilus IP Rated Coaxial Range

01 August 2017   |    New Product

The Nautilus range extends further to include two new N Types and additional TNC connector variants

Parcels’ IoT visibility SIMplified with GradConn’s connectors

17 July 2017   |    Case Study

Discover why GradConn SIM connectors are the perfect match for an innovative solution for the asset and package tracking sector

GradConn N Connector Strengthens the Nautilus Waterproof Coaxial Range

03 April 2017   |    New Product

The Nautilus range from GradConn receives an new addition to the line-up of IP rated coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. 

Guide to rear mount SMA connector

16 June 2016   |    Informational

Customers often ask us about SMA mounting, industry terminology can be confusing.  This guide to help you understand how to mount a rear mount SMA connector in a panel quickly and easily.

Looking for a waterproof SMA jack connector?

01 April 2016   |    Informational

Our customers often seek to prevent ingress of moisture and particles into SMA jack connectors.   The applications range from splash proof, up to fully submersed underwater.

Connectors Demystified - Bottom Entry Board to Board Connectors

01 April 2016   |    News Release

GradConn have created a guide to explain bottom entry board to board connectors, customers are often confused by the variety of board to board connectors female sockets on offer.

Guide to front mount SMA connectors

24 March 2016   |    News Release

Customers often ask  about SMA mounting,  industry terminology can be confusions.  This is the first in series of guides to help you understand how to mount SMA connectors in a panel quickly and easily.

Connectors demystified - Polarized Connectors

15 February 2016   |    Informational

Check out GradConn's new pages, aimed at helping customers understand board to board connectors.

GradConn website suitable for handheld devices

12 February 2016   |    News Release

GradConn's website is optimised for handheld devices - including tables and smartphones. 

New catalogue showcases the breadth and depth of connector solutions

05 February 2016   |    News Release

GradConn's 2016 new catalogue includes new products such as Nano SIM, Nautilus IP68 cable assemblies & fine pitch wire to board solutions.

New Nautilus Waterproof coaxial cable assemblies offer IP67 & 68 protection

30 October 2015   |    New Product Range

A range of waterproof interface connectors with internal seal and O-Ring, preventing ingress thru the inner contact & thru panel.  

New Italian Distributor

04 August 2015   |    News Release

Fittings SRL and GradConn agree deal to distribute interconnect products in Italy.

Fine pitch SMT stacking connectors

10 June 2015   |    News Release

Parallel PCB Stacking heights of upto 24 mm (.94") with fine pitch and compact footprint 1 mm (.039") pitch connectors.

Micro Connectors for SMART applications

13 May 2015   |    Applications

Nano SIM, Micro-Coax cable assemblies, Micro USB, Fine pitch wire to board and board to board solutions.

New GradConn website enables rapid product selection combined with a wealth of new functionality

20 November 2014   |    News Release

The new website has had a total facelift that encompasses best practice navigational elements and increased content.

The new Nano SIM connector from Gradconn - When size is everything!

18 November 2014   |    New Product

GradConn launched a new Nano SIM connector, with 1.55mm profile suitable for Nano SIM cards.

New Push Push Micro SIM connector with 1.5mm profile

28 October 2014   |    New Product

GradConn has launched a brand new low cost Push-Push Micro SIM connector with a 1.5mm profile.

GradConn Launches Low Cost Test Probe Cable Assemblies

04 August 2014   |    New Product

GradConn has launched a new range of low cost co-axial test probe cable assemblies for the inspection of high frequency circuits.

GradConn Launches Home Automation Division

01 April 2014   |    News Release

Offering SIM Card connectors, Co-axial cable assemblies and fine pitch board to board connectors

A Flexible Approach to Coax Cable Assemblies

05 February 2014   |    Applications

Double braided coaxial offers solutions for routing cables within an enclosure

Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

12 January 2014   |    Applications

Rapid advances in both wireless and mobile technology have seen costs fall and the range of applications expand.

Fine Pitch Wire to Board Solutions

19 December 2013   |    New Product Range

0.8mm and 1.00mm pitches offers tiny PCB footprints and low profile mated height.

Connectors for Alignment Critical Applications

13 June 2013   |    Applications

SMT Board to board connectors with locating pegs.

1.27mm Pitch U Shaped Connector

02 June 2013   |    News Release

Perfect for planar PCB mating.

Horizontal PCB Solutions

01 May 2013   |    News Release

Online guide to perfect horizontal PCB mating.

Coaxial Cable Range Expansion

01 April 2013   |    News Release

New connector types expand micro-coax options.

Improved PCB stacking calculator now online

01 November 2012   |    News Release

Connectivity specialist GradConn offers a new web based PCB stacking calculator.

Custom PCB mounted Board to Board Connectors

01 October 2012   |    News Release

Board to board connector specialists GradConn offer a bespoke connector service.

SMT Board to board power connectors

01 September 2012   |    New Product

Connectivity specialist GradConn releases 3.96mm and 5.08mm pitch SMT board to board connector range.

Beyond Components and GradConn agree deal to distribute interconnect products in North America

01 August 2012   |    News Release

Interconnect specialist GradConn and distributor Beyond Components have signed a nationwide distribution agreement. 

SIM Connector with normally closed card detect switch

01 July 2012   |    New Product

CH03-AJ offers two card detect switch options - normally open (standard) or normally closed.

Economical Micro SIM Connector for Micro SIM cards

01 April 2012   |    New Product

GradConn launches an economical Micro SIM connector for Micro SIM cards, also known as Mini UICC or 3FF (3rd form factor).

Using Hirose or Murata coax cables? GradConn can save you money.

20 September 2010   |    New Product

Economical and high quality I-Pex micro coax cables which are direct ‘pluggable’ alternatives to Hirose U.FL/W.FL cables.   

1.00mm Pitch Board to board Connectors use tiny PCB real estate

09 July 2009   |    New Product

New 1.00mm pitch board to board connectors with tiny footprint offer flexible design options for multiple PCB mating orientations

RF coaxial cable assemblies for wireless markets

17 April 2008   |    New Product

Total GSM design solutions with a range of economical micro coaxial cables to compliment the existing SIM connector range.

.156” & .200” pitch board to board connectors

01 September 2007   |    New Product

GradConn are pleased to introduce two new ranges of board to board power connectors suitable for 7.9amp current rating.

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