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RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies & PCB Connectors

Coaxial Cable Assembly – More Information


GradConn offer a wide variety of coaxial cable assemblies, with particular strength in micro coaxial cables for wireless markets, such as GSM, GPS, Wireless LAN (WLAN), Wi-Fi, Zigbee Z-Wave, EnOcean and Bluetooth.

Micro applications often use a micro coax cable assembly mating with a wireless module on the PCB, a length of cable is often used to break out of the product via an interface connector with a cutout in the bulkhead.

These options allow customers to plug in an antenna or further extension cable on the opposite side of the bulkhead. 


GradConn offer original Hirose and Murata products as well as economic and inter-matable alternatives from I-Pex.

I-Pex are a high-quality Japanese manufacturer established in 1984. GradConn use original I-Pex tooling and have many satisfied customers who previously used major brands, however customers should always test samples to approve the use of I-Pex connectors.

  • Micro Coax Connectors:
  • 'Interface' Connectors:
  • Test Probes / Co-Axial Switches:
    • Used for testing high frequency coaxial switches in a manufacturing environment.
  • Cable:
    • Assemblies are available in a variety of cable diameters, including; 0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1,32mm, 1.37mm, 1.48mm, RG174, RG178, RG316, RG58
    • Standard assembly lengths: 100, 150 & 200 mm - Other lengths available on request
    • Coaxial Cable Product Specification
  • Strip and tinned cable:
    • Stripped cable for termination to connector at a future time
    • Stripped cable with tinned centre conductor and copper wire soldered to braid allow soldering to PCB
  • Quality:
    • 100% conductivity tested
    • Frequency analysis reports - Insertion loss & working frequency range available on request
    • 100% Test available on request
  • Working frequency:
    • Standard SMA & RP SMA assemblies rated at DC to 3GHz
    • Special SMA options, including Cable 078 & 080 rated to 6GHz
    • If you require higher frequency cable assembly contact GradConn

Whatever your coaxial cable assembly requirement, contact GradConn for the perfect solution

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