New Product - 2020-08-19

Nautilus connector caps provide extra level of ingress protection

IP67 Coaxial Connector Caps Waterproof Dustproof

GradConn’s industry-leading Nautilus range of IP rated coaxial cable assemblies and connectors are now available with optional cap accessories, adding further levels of protection and are ideal for connections that predominantly stay unmated for extended periods.

The new IP67 rated caps help to prevent the build-up of moisture, dust, and dirt collecting in the mating face of the connector.  Nautilus connectors are sealed unmated to IP68 due to a cleverly designed internal contact seal, and the caps will provide further peace of mind to connections left exposed in harsh environments. Applications such as outdoor portable equipment requiring connections to be made and disconnected regularly can benefit from a cap when an antenna is not in use, to help prevent the collection of dust and dirt when out in the field.

Determining whether a coaxial connector cap has environmentally sealed properties remains a challenge with current products in the market. There is a lack of clarity and inconsistency with information available, making it difficult for customers to select the right cap for their application.  GradConn caps are thoroughly tested to industry standard, ensuring customers receive the performance and quality expected from an IP rated connector cap solution. This information is clear and easily accessible on GradConn product resources and drawings, with test reports also available for further reference.

The caps achieve an IP67 seal with SMA (rear mount), N Type, and TNC versions of the Nautilus range.  They are also options as dust caps for non-Nautilus variants of these connector types.  The brass alloy caps are finished in nickel plating (N and TNC) or gold plating (SMA) and are available with or without chain attachment. 

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