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SIM Card Connectors for Mini, Micro and Nano SIM Cards

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‚ÄčGradConn offer connectors for the following SIM card types:  2FF Mini, 3FF Micro & 4FF Nano.

SIM card sizes

Five SIM Card connector types are available:

  • Push-Push: Push card into place, another push operates a spring which automatically pushes out the card. Normally used in applications where the end user insets a card from outside the equipment.
  • Push-Pull: Card slots into place and is held by contact force and friction. An economical option, options with or without metal shield.
  • Hinged: Cards are inserted into a hinged cover, the hinge is closed, then locked into place.
  • Dual: Accepts two SIM cards, saving space and allowing applications such as dual network. The dual connector is push pull action.
  • Contact: Connector with contacts only, no means of holding the card in place. That is handled by customers own design. Suitable for Mini, Micro & Nano SIM cards, because there is no change in contact design between the three card types.

Use the narrow your search features to find the perfect SIM connector for your application, filter by: Card type, connector style, profile above PCB, number of contacts, with or without locating peg and with or without SIM card detection switch.

SIM Connectors are available in 6 or 8 contacts, with optional PCB locating pegs and metal holdowns. Card detection switches allow electronic detection of SIM card insertion or extraction, this adds an extra two contacts and is sometimes described as 6+2 or 8+2.

Low profile options: Height above PCB from 1.30mm in contact style, 1.5 mm for Push-Push with micro card and 1.35mm in Push-Pull style with nano card.

SIM connectors allow at least 1,500 card insertion cycles, with options for 5,000 or 10,000 cycles. For contact types 100,000 card insertion cycles are possible.

8 position SIM connectors are suitable for use in MEGASIM applications, which allows SIM card pins 7 & 8 to be accessed for storage memory.

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