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About Us

GradConn Ltd is a Taiwan based company providing SIM connectors, micro USB connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, a full range of board to board connectors in 0.8mm x 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 1.27mm, 2mm, 1.27mm x 2.54mm, 2.54mm, 3.96mm and 5.08mm pitches and Wire to board solutions, including PCB headers and cable assemblies in 0.8mm and 1.00mm pitch.

GradConn are committed to servicing you from design through to volume production worldwide. Trust us to work in partnership with your design and manufacturing teams every step of the way, with design advice, samples and help with pre-production requirements. We ship worldwide from Taiwan and offer DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) to the USA. GradConn's footprint in Europe and North America includes offices in each location with the added support of an extensive sales and distribution network.


GradConn's Factory Our factories in China and Taiwan have full ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification. This ensures that GradConn will supply you high quality components under stringent quality control systems whilst still giving you the very best value for money. Within our customer base we deal with several large automotive customers.

All our connectors are fully RoHS compliant. Certification available on request.

GradConn are committed to maintaining an ethical supply chain and monitor our supply chain to discourage the use of conflict materials.

Automatic assembly machines guarantee the best quality standards and our production staff are highly trained and efficient, keeping overheads low.

Our engineering staff are specialists in AutoCAD, mould making, plastic injection, die cast metal & ESD machines.

Assembly Quality control Molding

Customer Support

GradConn provide global support on a local basis in your time zone and language.

Taiwan office: Supporting direct sales in Asia.

U.S.A. office: Based Florida, supported by representative and distribution network.

European office: Based UK, supported by European distribution network.

GradConn also have distribution partners in many other worldwide locations

See the reps and distributors page for your local contacts.


Complete wireless solutions:

  • SIM connectors in styles: Receiver/slide in, push push/push eject, micro, flip top/hinged and contact. Features include: 6 and 8 way SIM connectors, SIM card detection switch, metal covers to protect from heat and low profile.
  • Coaxial cable assemblies focussed on the GSM, CDMA, GPS, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN markets. Key product focus is the I-Pex connector range: a low cost/high quality pluggable alternative to Hirose.

Micro USB Connectors:

  • B and A/B µUSB Types.
  • Horizontal SMT.
  • Mid Mount USB versions.

Board to Board Connectors:

  • Single, dual, triple and quad row types.
  • Surface mount (SMT) or through hole components.
  • Straight and right angle.
  • Male and female.
  • Bottom entry sockets to allow plugging from below.
  • Elevated Headers and sockets.

Our board to board connectors give you the benefits of fully customisable pin lengths (on pin headers) and a choice of insulator height options on many connectors. 3 Tier PCB

PCB stacking options

Many plating options and thicknesses available on most parts - gold, selective gold (duplex) and tin plating.

In many cases GradConn can provide amended versions of existing connectors, for example: Different size SMT lead sizes, headers with angled pins, non standard pitch products, kinked pins (for PCB retention), blanked holes on sockets and missing pins on headers.

If you cannot find the part you need, please contact GradConn as it is likely that we can still help with special requirements.

Wire to Board Solutions:

GradConn Wire to board solutions in 0.8mm and 1.00mm pitches offer tiny PCB footprints and mated heights. Straight mating height of only 3.95mm for 0.8mm pitch and 6.3mm for 1.00mm pitch. Right angle mating combinations offer small footprint depth on PCB- Just 3.9mm depth and 1.75mm height for 0.8mm pitch. Rated currents are 1.0A for 1.00mm pitch and 0.5A for 0.8mm pitch. Headers are shrouded to eliminate mis-mating.

GradConn offer Cable assemblies and PCB headers in straight and right angle orientation, we’ll provide cables to suit your design, including connector types from other manufacturers.


Thru hole products packed in tube, tray or box.

SMT products are offered with options for tape and reel (T&R) packaging with pick and place caps (plastic) or film to allow vacuum suction for automatic placement.

Consult product drawings for further details.


Our board connectors make excellent and cost effective alternatives to branded PCB connectors from companies such as Samtec, Tyco, Molex, Methode, Delphi and MPE Garry. Free samples are readily available so you can see in advance that quality is maintained while you make substantial cost savings. It is not unusual to save 50% against major brands. Increase your profit without sacrificing product quality!

GradConn are happy to help you cross refer competitor's parts. An online Samtec cross reference facility is available or contact GradConn for assistance. (Cross referred samples should always be inspected and approved to ensure project suitability, an exact match is not guaranteed)

Lead Times

GradConn hold stocks of semi-finished components so that we can always provide you with the best possible lead time for our connectors, whilst keeping our factory running at optimum performance giving you the competitive prices you desire.

Our standard lead time is 5 weeks; please check on the particular product that you are interested in.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Guidence only, contact GradConn for exact details.

  • Board to Board Connectors:
    • Standard Parts - Standard insulator material, pin length and gold flash plating: –
      • Number of circuits other than below: 1,000 Pieces.
      • Smaller number of circuits:
        • Single in line:
          • 2-10: 2,000 pieces.
          • 11+: 1000 pieces.
          • Non-standard plating: 3000 pieces.
        • Dual in line:
          • 4-10: 2,000 pieces.
          • 12+: 1000 pieces.
          • Non-standard plating: 3000 pieces.
    • Non standard options – Will incur a higher MOQ, please check with GradConn.
  • SIM Connectors:
    • Standard MOQ: From 1,200 pieces upwards.
  • RF Cables:
    • Standard MOQ: 500-1,000 pieces.
  • Wire to Board:
    • Headers MOQ 2,000 – 3,000 pieces.
    • Cables Assemblies – Check with GradConn.
  • Micro USB Connectors:
    • Standard MOQ: 3,000. Non Standard MOQ: 6,000.

Shipping: Europe and Asia

GradConn ship Ex-Works Taiwan, here are some frequently asked questions:

  • What is EXW Taiwan delivery terms?
    • EXW stands for Ex-Works, this terms means all shipping charges, including Taiwanese local charges are at buyer's cost based upon a shipping point of Taiwan.
  • If I have a courier, what should I do?
    • Please provide us your courier account number when you place your order and make sure it is an international collect account.
    • Please confirm exactly which shipment service you would like to use (EG: Express, International Priority, etc).
  • If I don't have a courier (Fed Ex, TNT, UPS, etc) account, what should I do?
    • GradConn can ship the goods under our account number, you will need to pay the carriage as part of a normal invoice.
  • What is the most economical shipping option?
    • We normally suggest our customers to use TNT which is both economic and reliable.
  • Can I get an estimated shipping cost?
    • Yes. Usually we provide the shipping cost of TNT unless you have a preferred courier.
  • Is there an import duty imposed on me?
    • Yes, normally there is an import duty because we ship the order as 'commodity'.
    • Import duty rate varies depending on where you are located, for detailed information please contact your local courier or forwarder.
  • How long does it take to receive my goods?
    • Normally it will take no longer than 7 working days after the goods are despatched (depending where in the world you are located). For more specific information please contact us.
  • What if I use a distributor to handle my transaction?
    • A distributor will normally handle the delivery (costs and duty) for you and deliver the goods to your door.
      • (By arrangement with your distributor).
  • What if GradConn ship samples?
    • GradConn ship samples by airmail, this service is free of charge, however it may take 7-10 working days.
    • You can choose to ship samples on your courier account at your expense, simply let us know your account details.

Shipping: North America

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do GradConn ship to North America?
    • We can ship in two ways at the preference of the customer:
      • DDP North America.
        • Delivery Duty paid (to your door).
      • Ex-Works Taiwan.
  • What is DDP shipping?
    • We ship goods to your door from our logistic centre in Taiwan, the duty is paid.  
    • What is the most economical shipping option?
      • We ship TNT, who are economic and reliable.
    • How long does it take to receive my goods?
      • General DDP shipping time guide:
        • USA:
          • Cities with international airports at the East and West coast and FL: 3-4 working days.
          • Other areas such as mid-USA and smaller towns: 4-7 working days.
        • Canada:
          • Cities: Such as Vancouver 3-4 working days.
          • Other areas:  4-xx days. (Depending on remoteness of location).
    • Do I pay carriage on a separate invoice:
      • No, with DDP the cost of the shipping is covered in the component cost.
  • What is EXW Taiwan delivery?
    • EXW stands for Ex-Works, this terms means all shipping charges, including Taiwanese local charges are at buyer's cost based upon a shipping point of Taiwan.
    • Can I get an estimated shipping cost?
      • Yes. We provide a rough shipping cost for you based upon the volume and weight of goods.
    • If I am shipping Ex-Taiwan and have a courier, what should I do?
      • Please provide us your courier account number when you place your order and account. In the case of Ex Works Taiwan shipping make sure it is an international collect
      • Please confirm exactly which shipment service you would like to use (EG: Express, International Priority, etc).
  • Are import duty/taxes imposed on me?
    • It depends on which shipping method you use:
      • If Ex-Works Taiwan:  It depends on the product/commodity type:  Taxes will be added for cable assemblies, not for PCB connectors.   
      • If DDP: No, import duty has already been handled in the DDP price we quote you.
  • What if I’m in South America:
    • GradConn ship Ex-Works to South America, please check with us for details.
  • What about sample shipments?
    • GradConn ship the majority of samples by airmail from Taiwan, this service is free of charge; however it takes 7-10 working days.
    • If faster shipments are required you can choose to ship samples on your courier account at your expense, simply let us know your account details.
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