Making exceptional connectors and coaxial cable assemblies for the electronics industry

Whether it’s cable assemblies, board-to-board or SIM connectors, GradConn has the right connections for your designs.

GradConn combines industry leading electronic connectors and coaxial cable assemblies with a full and comprehensive end-to-end service, from design all the way to volume production, globally.

As a member of the Aloco Group, Gradconn are recognised worldwide for its extensive range of high performance IP rated coaxial solutions and board-to-board connectors, GradConn has offices in Taiwan, UK and the US supported by a global sales and distribution network across 160 countries. Working with GradConn and obtaining its connectors couldn’t be easier.

GradConn’s expert team is on hand to offer design advice, product samples, design resources and assistance with pre-production requirements. This is all part of the GradConn’s extensive service to help speed up your design and get your product to the market quickly.

An expert team is on hand to offer advice, samples, resources & assistance

Quality connections you can rely on

GradConn factories have full ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification to ensure components are of the highest possible standards, meeting stringent quality control systems. The world's best technology brands rely on GradConn products in the manufacture of electronic devices and equipment and this is testament to it’s outstanding product quality.

All connectors are fully RoHS compliant and GradConn is committed to maintain an ethical supply chain to discourage the use of conflict materials.

The world's best technology brands rely on GradConn products

Worldwide availability and support

A broad sales network and local regional presence provides GradConn with accessible routes to markets worldwide. You can be confident that GradConn can support your design, wherever you are based and wherever you manufacture. With products in stock with leading global distribution partners, GradConn connector and coaxial cable assembly solutions are quickly and easily obtainable.

GradConn - RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, ISO

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