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GradConn offer a huge range of board to board connectors - PCB headers and sockets, in the following pin spacing pitches:

Available in single, dual row, triple and quad row in through hole and surface mount termination. Headers and sockets have a contact range of 2 – 120 and are available in vertical and horizontal orientation.

Pin headers allow a customisable pin length with numerous square pin size options depending upon connector pitch. Find out more about pin header materials and plating here

See details of stacking using standard and elevated headers. Elevated PCB headers offer extended parallel PCB stacking solutions between boards.  

GradConn also offer a range of stacking sockets, where pin isolation is required. 

See the Parallel Stacking Calculator for more information on PCB stacking in parallel orientation.

PCB receptacles are available in SMT or thru hole in vertical and horizontal orientations. Sockets contain either tuning fork or leaf spring contacts, which offer different characteristics. 

SMT receptacles offer dual entry PCB mating options: Pin headers are mated with receptacles from above to achieve standard parallel PCB mating. In bottom entry mode holes are drilled in the PCB and the header pins enter the socket from below via the underside of the PCB.

A range of shrouded headers with keyed cutouts and sockets with bumps offer polarisation which ensures connectors may be plugged together only in the correct orientation. Shrouded connectors also provide protection from shorting.

GradConn offer many options for perfect height co-planar PCB connection, including U - Shaped pin headers, either soldered direct or plugging to two vertical sockets. See the Co-Planar Mating guide for details. 

Tube or Tape and reel packaging (with or without film or caps) for pick and place assembly, is available on all SMT connectors.

All GradConn board to board connectors are RoHS compliant and suitable for high temperature processing, see drawings and product specification for more details.

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