News Release - 2012-11-01

PCB Stacking Connectors – It all adds up!

Gradconn's massive range of signal and power board to board connectors for parallel PCB mating can be baffling, the PCB connector stacking guide allows a simple step by step system to find the perfect mating connector design solution. You'll be guided to the lowest cost option, we want to help you design in the perfect balance of a great design solution at a great price!

Simply enter the PCB stacking dimension required (metric or imperial), then use the simple narrow your search facility which allows multiple choices for you to compare and contrast solutions. The search displays results 0.5mm either side of your desired PCB stack height to offer alternative options where your design is flexible.

You may search by:

  • Connector Pitch: From 1.00mm (0.039") pitch to 5.08mm (0.200").
  • Number of rows: Single, dual, triple or quad row connectors.
  • PCB mount type – surface mount, thru hole or a mixture of the two, IE SMT header with thru hole PCB socket.

Once you've found your perfect mating PCB connectors then both halves of the connector may be added to your shopping basket simply, ordering connector samples was never easier.

Alternatively, prefer to speak to a human being? Speak to your local GradConn sales office, where there is always a connector expert on hand to offer advice on connector design solutions.

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