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Reaching new heights with GradConn’s unique Vertical PCB Mount IP68 Coaxial Connectors

GradConn introduces two new, first to market, vertical PCB mount variants to its Nautilus range of IP68 rated coaxial connectors.  This is in addition to the comprehensive range of Nautilus IP rated cable assemblies further establishing GradConn as the leading choice for your dust and water proof coaxial requirements.

The new SMA type vertical PCB mount Nautilus connectors are ideal for applications where the RF module connects to an antenna through tracks on the circuit board instead of a cable assembly to save space within compact designs.

The new vertical mount Nautilus connectors will make placement on a PCB even easier.  Designs will no longer be limited to fitting the connector on the edges of a device enclosure as with its right angled counterpart.  For example, in certain applications such as beacons and receivers, this can make significant design improvements as there is no longer a requirement for right angled antennas since the connection can be moved to the top of the device.  This not only makes for a more practical design, it removes another potential ingress point from a bend in the antenna.

“We’ve always ensured that our customers have the best options available for their designs and the inclusion of a vertical mount PCB connector in the Nautilus range proves this,” commented Andy Hamlin, GradConn Sales Manager.  “Our commitment to innovate in the waterproof coaxial market has led to the development of this unique connector variant and will provide greater flexibility for placement on a PCB.”

In addition to new product designs, coaxial connections can be found in a variety of equipment and Nautilus helps migrate these devices to more demanding applications where an environmental seal is required.  With more and more connected devices being added to the wireless ecosystem, the trend for IP67/IP68 coaxial connectors and cable assemblies is on the rise, especially with the current IOT movement.

To find out more about the latest addition to the Nautilus PCB mounted connector range, visit the GradConn website where you can find resources such as 3D models, drawing and more.  You will also find availability for the new connectors through Digi-key.

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