Case Study - 2017-07-17

Parcels’ IoT visibility SIMplified with GradConn’s connectors

GradConn TrackerSense Casestudy

There’s always some concern over entrusting a parcel of any value to a shipping company, and a corresponding sense of relief on learning of its safe arrival. But if you’re supplying products sensitive to humidity, light or temperature such as pharmaceuticals, food or electronics, it’s not just a passing uneasiness –your business viability depends critically on vulnerable shipments that arrive safely, without having been damaged in transit.

Fortunately, the rise in IoT technology has facilitated an affordable solution; the TrackerSense system. This comprises small, sealed GPS trackers that can be dropped into a parcel just before shipment, and an intuitive web portal that shows the tracking history, current location and environmental data of shipments anywhere in the world, enabling full tracing capability.

As the TrackerSense modules are often single use, it was important to select a SIM card connector that is compact, robust and cost effective. GradConn has helped TrackerSense achieve this, with their economical 2FF Push-Pull Mini SIM Card Connector, type CH03-AL. The connector is offered with 6 or 8 pins. It has full IEC68 approval for a range of environmental characteristics, yet is available at a price point sufficiently attractive for TrackerSense’s low-cost, single-use module production.

The low-profile height facilitates the module’s compact design, while its metal frame provides additional support for the SIM and reduces warping from heat. It also distributes contact pressure more evenly.

GradConn is a multinational company with a presence in the UK. Consulting with their local engineers at the outset of a project is always worthwhile, as they can help find the best balance between cost, performance and ruggedisation. They can also produce custom solutions if they offer the most cost-effective approach.

Wayne Soutter, Founder and CEO at TrackerSense commented on the benefits of working with GradConn: “GradConn’s advice enabled us to choose a SIM connector best suited to our application and its highly-specific demands. Ultimately, the trackers are fit and forget devices, so these connectors’ contribution to their resilience is highly reassuring.”

Andy Hamlin, Sales Manager at GradConn, comments: "We were glad to help TrackerSense as we relish projects like these - not least because we are now seeing increasing demand for innovative solutions from the asset and package tracking sector."

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