Applications - 2014-01-12

Interconnect Solutions for Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

Andy Hamlin - Sales Manager GradConn explains why rapid advances in both wireless and mobile technology have seen costs fall significantly and the range of possible applications expand. Applications are interesting and in some cases tell a story about the changing relationship between our society and technology. Gradconn offers a wide range Board to Board connectorsSIM card connectors, including Micro SIM and RF Coaxial cable assemblies. GradConn connectors have been designed into applications as diverse as:

  • Wireless monitoring of vending machines, cuts out need for unnecessary service calls such as when machines run out of change or products.
  • Pest control devices. Cutting out unnecessary service calls and monitoring for example when triggered an employee could clean up dead vermin, alternatively technology might monitor when a colony becomes active and take the appropriated action.
  • Security bracelets for both Children and the Elderly:
    • Elderly – Neck pendants warn of accidents, allowing more independent living.  If out and about a person is able to summon assistance. So for the example of a person suffering dizzy spells too scared to go out, this technology can be empowering and confidence building.
    • Children – GPS tracking device normally built into a watch – Allows parents to see the child’s current location. Designated safe zones such as  home or school can be set.
    • Offender monitoring –  Electronic tags for prisoners released on licence to ensure bail conditions are not broken, monitors curfew, location and automatically check visits to a particular location, such as a police station have been completed and logged.
  • Agricultural products to measure micro climates and watering requirements.  This technology allows conservation of water by automatically controlling irrigation. Another example is temperature monitoring to protect from frost damage.  These technologies reduce costs and increase yields.
  • Livestock monitoring-  Animals are tagged and tracking for safety and/or shepherding purposes. Examples of monitoring applications are: Data from animals provides information on breeding cycles and flags potentially sick animals.
  • Remote asset monitoring, for example monitoring the condition of structure of buildings bridges, tunnels, etc. This type of monitoring supersedes the need for weekly visual inspections which are expensive and potentially dangerous.

Whatever your requirement contact GradConn for assistance, 

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