New Product - 2009-07-09

New 1.00mm Pitch board to board connectors take up tiny PCB real estate

1mm Pitch board to board connector - PCN mating options

GradConn are delighted to release a new range of 1.00mm (.039”) pitch, single in line, board to board connectors which offer the following features:

  • Tiny PCB width: 1.27mm (.050”) thru-hole and 2.5mm (.098”) SMT headers.
  • Low stack height: 3.1mm (.122”) thru-hole and 3.75mm (1.48”) SMT.
  • Elevated header options: Mix tiny footprint with stacking up to 25.00mm (.98”).
  • Parrallel and right angle PCB mating configurations.

Available in 2 to 40 contacts in SMT and thru hole and suitable for 1amp per circuit with an operating temperature range of -40 to +105, the connector is rated for 100 insertion cycles. All parts are suitable for high temperature process and RoHS compliant.

Click here to download product drawings, specifications and 3d models.

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