News Release - 2022-11-17

Welcome Anthony Saccoccia, our new Sales Manager in America

Welcome to Anthony

1. How are you settling into your new role at GradConn? 

The transition to my new role here with GradConn has been much smoother than I would’ve imagined, thanks largely to the comprehensive induction and training plan that GradConn had prepared. During my first week with the company, I was given a thorough training which did a great job of establishing a solid foundation for me. I still continue to learn something new everyday of course, and the positive corporate culture at GradConn lends itself to team members providing strong support to each other, and fostering our overall collective success.  I’m certainly very pleased with how my role at GradConn is progressing and developing. 

2. Can you give us some background on your career to date?

Although my degree is actually in Aeronautics, I started my career in the electronic components and connector industry over 25 years ago, and served in various roles as European Sales Manager, International Sales Manager, as well as Global Key Account & North American Sales Manager, primarily for screw-machined/turned-pin IC sockets, adapters, and board-to-board products. I was also the International Sales Manager for a film capacitor manufacturer. I believe that my background in technology and sales can help GradConn and am looking forward to exploring new business opportunities with it. 

3. What skills and experience have you brought to the GradConn team?

I have extensive experience managing global networks of manufacturing representatives and distributors, as well as managing direct OEM accounts worldwide. My focus is to further strengthen GradConn’s channel partnerships, and further grow our already substantial customer and revenue base here in the Americas.

4. Are there any market and product trends do you see currently?

Given current issues such as the ongoing global supply chain situation, customer engagement and strong customer service is more critical than ever in ensuring account relationships. I see this as a strong aspect of GradConn’s approach-to-market, and the customer service provided by the GradConn Sales team is excellent. The Covid pandemic has largely changed the way the world does business at the moment, and those suppliers with the strongest customer-focused cultures, and who can get product in their customers’ hands as seamlessly as possible, will inevitably be the most successful.  Additionally, with market segments like IoT device technology growing exponentially, GradConn, especially with high-quality products such as the Nautilus line, is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. 

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