Guide to front mount SMA connector

By Staff   |    News Release   |    2016-03-24

We hope you find GradConns front mount SMA connectors mounting guide useful! Customers often ask about SMA mounting, industry terminology can be confusions. This is the first in series of guides to help you understand how to mount SMA connectors in a panel quickly and easily.

There's often confusion about front and rear mount SMA connectors. Front mount means that the main body of the SMA connector including the large nut is mounted at the front of the panel cut out, with the washer and nut screwed up from inside the panel. This style is used to provide a tamper proof solution, as the connector cannot be unscrewed from outside the panel. See our guide to rear mount connectors.

GradConn offer front mount SMA connector solutions in three options, standard SMA, Nautilus RP-SMA (reverse polarity) and Nautilus SMA. Nautilus is a range of IP 67 & 68 rated connectors, find out more at our Nautilus web pages.

To create a cable assembly go to our coaxial cable assembly builder

Finally, if you require any help or advice with front mount SMA connectors then contact GradConn. 
Guide to front mount SMA connectors

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