News Release - 2021-02-17

I-PEX® MHF® 4L LK and MHF® 5L options now available for GradConn Cable assemblies


GradConn expands its range of I-PEX® MHF® options to include the secure MHF® 4L LK and MHF® 5L micro connectors for use on standard and Nautilus waterproof coaxial cable assemblies.

The MHF® 4L LK connector is a durable option for customers where connection integrity is essential. An integrated locking mechanism ensures the connector is secured when mated onto the PCB connector, protecting from accidental disconnection due to bump, shock & vibration. It has a compact footprint with a mated height of 2.0mm.

This patented locking plug design of the MHF® 4L LK compliments the MHF® 4 & MHF® 4L series. It shares the same PCB mounted receptacles, making upgrades to your design a simple option, providing sufficient clearance is available on the PCB to accommodate the latch mechanism.

MHF® 5L is a micro Wire to PCB coaxial connector with a mated height of 1.3mm. It is one of the smallest connectors in the MHF® range and is becoming a connector specified in many new designs today, benefiting from simple mating properties and a low profile, ideal for compact devices.

Both MHF® options are available across GradConn’s standard and waterproof cable assembly range. When assembled with IP rated Nautilus connectors, for example SMA or TNC, the combination creates a formidable package for harsh environment applications where water and dust ingress prevention is a primary concern.

A selection of MHF® 4L LK and MHF® 5L to SMA cable assemblies are now available on Digi-Key for immediate delivery. For other cable configurations with these connectors, please use GradConn's Cable Builder to create your perfect assembly.

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