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6GHz Nautilus SMA Coaxial Cable Assemblies Now Available

GradConn has launched a new selection of 6GHz SMA connector options to further strengthen its range of Nautilus IP rated coaxial cable assemblies. Whilst 3GHz market applications remain a large proportion of the market, the new options allow Gradconn to address requirements where our current 3GHz products are not suitable.

"Many customers use several SMA connections, often one at 3GHz and another at around 5.8GHz for WiFi. New IOT and 5G applications are being designed to operate between 3 & 6GHz, therefore it is great to have these options avaialble for our customers," comments Andy Hamlin, Sales and Distribution Manager at GradConn.

There are now 6GHz versions for the SMA and N-Type variants in the Nautilus range. To find out more about these higher frequency variants, please visit the following pages:

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