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Secure Lock MHF I LK Micro Connector now available on GradConn Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Gradconn further extends its coaxial cable assembly range by introducing the all new I-PEX MHF I LK micro connector.  This option can now be specified on assemblies to connect antennas to wireless modules and other popular PCI card types.

The MHF I LK is perfect for applications that require a secure and reliable connection due to its integrated locking mechanism. This enhanced feature over standard MHF types solves potential issues from vibration and shock as the connection itself is more stable, particularly for a connector of this size.

With a profile height of 2.9mm, this makes it lower than the standard I-PEX MHF I connector.  Frequency is rated up to D~6GHz and the connector has an outside receptacle dimension of 3.0x3.0mm.

When combined with GradConn Nautilus range of IP rated connectors on the assembly, which includes as SMA, TNC, BNC and N-Type connectors,  you now have a complete cable solution for devices in harsh environments.  The IoT has contributed in a rise in products within wireless devices, mobile telecoms and GPS sectors.  "New and exciting applications are appearing that require coaxial connections in demanding conditions such as Agri-tech and smart waste management, all of which are taking full advantage of the features and specifications Nautilus has to offer," commented Andy Hamlin, Global Sales Manager at GradConn.

The MHF I LK connector joins the existing MMXC connector in the GradConn cable assembly range as another durable option for customers when connection integrity is important.  The MHF I LK is a more compact solution that MMCX and will be more suitable for designs where internal space is limited.

To help you select the right MHF I LK assembly, the GradConn cable assembly builder will configure the perfect solution for you application.  Alternatively, view our existing SMA cable assemblies with MHF I LK options.  I-PEX also have a great video of the MHF I LK on YouTube containing more details on this new locking micro connector.

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