News Release - 2019-06-25

GradConn signs distribution partnership with Digi-Key Electronics

GradConn signs distribution partnership with Digi-Key Electronics

From left to right, David Stein (VP, Global Supplier Management, Digi-Key), Andy Hamlin (Global Sales Manager, GradConn), Jerome Bakke (Product Manager, Digi-Key), Paul Hejlik (Manager, Product Management, Digi-Key)

GradConn’s popular Nautilus range of waterproof coaxial cable assemblies and connectors is now available through Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor.

Leveraging Digi-Key’s distribution expertise will make obtaining GradConn’s coaxial range even easier, further facilitating the rapidly growing IoT market trend requiring these type of connectors.

“We share the same IoT vision as Digi-Key and with the growing number of devices with connected functionality, GradConn wants to make designing in coaxial connections a simple and hassle free process,” said Andy Hamlin, Global Sales Manager at GradConn.  “This is a great way to get our IP rated Coaxial Nautilus range into the hands of engineers since everyone in our industry has heard of Digi-Key Electronics.”

The partnership further strengthens Digi-Key’s coaxial offering with styles and configurations currently not catered for, such as N Type front mount and Reverse Polarity SMA rear mount type. This is in addition to unique products such as the Vertical mount SMA bulkhead jack connectors providing greater options for customers.  GradConn has one of the widest range of waterproof coaxial solutions on the market, all at an economical price point.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with GradConn and to be able to offer their coaxial connector and cable assemblies to our global customer base,” said David Stein, VP, Global Supplier Management at Digi-Key.  “Their new Nautilus IP rated RF cable assemblies will help engineers worldwide find sealed RF connection solutions through panels and bulkheads.”  

Find out more about the waterproof coaxial Nautilus range at, where products are now in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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