News Release - 2020-03-25

Five year extended environmental simulation for Nautilus SMA cable assemblies

Nautilus extended environment simulation coaxial cable assembly

The Nautilus range of IP rated coaxial connectors and assemblies already provide an excellent level of environmental protection, but how does it perform over an extended period out in the field?

Working closely with independent test labs, GradConn’s engineering team has developed a test plan to simulate prolonged use in demanding environments.  The aim is to demonstrate Nautilus SMA Cable Assemblies can maintain optimal performance throughout its life when subject to various environmental conditions.  The tests are designed with the aim of replicating five years of usage in the field based on accelerated life testing.  Our extended environment simulation consists of four core tests:

1) Electrical Performance

2) Thermal Shock / Cycling

3) Salt Spray

4) IPX7 Testing

To find out more about our Extended Environmental Simulation, please view the Nautilus ESS brochure. If you have any further questions or require more details on the tests, please get in touch.

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