New Product - 2014-08-04

GradConn Launches Low Cost Test Probe Cable Assemblies

New low cost test probe cable assemblies

In line with its strategy for new product development GradConn has launched a new range of low cost co-axial test probe cable assemblies for the inspection of high frequency circuits. Suitable for testing Hirose MS-156 and Murata MM8030 sub miniature coaxial switch connectors, the new probes offer reliable testing of RF circuits from development thru to final production. Mating with Hirose PCB connectors MS156C (358-0251-2) and MS156 (358-0167-8) the test probe cable assemblies have a mating test cycle durability of 500 operations and 2000 with Murata MM8030-2610.

GradConn’s cable assemblies are perfect for testing high frequency coaxial switches in a manufacturing environment. Standard cable assemblies come with SMA jack connectors for plugging to test equipment; other coaxial interface connectors are available upon request. Customers may specify test probe orientation and cable length to improve ergonomics for operators.

Coaxial switch products are used in applications such as cell phone, smartphone, WLAN/WiMax/UWB, Bluetooth, Zigbee, cordless phones, GPS/DVH-H, microwave measurement equipment and microwave radio equipment applications.

Cables are fully tested and produced in an ISO 9001:2008 environment, ensuring you receive consistently high quality cable assemblies.

See our range of test probe products or contact your local GradConn sales office now for design advice.

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