News Release - 2021-09-16

Prevent interference on RF cable assembly connections

gradconn-Isolated-prevent interference on rf cable assembly connections.jpg

GradConn’s new isolated coaxial connectors are designed to provide uninterrupted signal and data without crosstalk.

Isolated TNC & SMA connector options are available for GradConn cable assemblies to help prevent interference across multiple RF outputs. The new connectors are also part of the Nautilus range of IP67 and IP68 cable assemblies, offering enhanced environmental protection for demanding applications.

Connection loss and interference are always undesirable when dealing with wireless technologies, but can be a paramount consideration for some applications. For example, mining communication equipment, intrinsically safe and mission critical multi-channel devices that rely on robust coaxial connections free from any risk of interference .

GradConn’s new range of Isolated TNC and SMA cable assemblies overcome these issues with a cleverly engineered insulator integrated within the inner and outer shell of the body. This allows the signal to pass without a route to interfere with other channels, and helps maintain the the EMI/RFI intergrity of the case and chasis.

GradConn's isolated connectors are a cost effect solution for product designers needing reassurance of reliable operation whatever the operating conditions.

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