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To use the part number builder, select a board to board connector from our extensive range, then add to the Sample and Quote basket. Alternatively, take a look at our product range below.

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RF Cable Assemblies, Connectors and Caps

Gradconn’s range of RF cable assemblies, PCB connectors and protective caps offer a solution for all environments.

100% tested for IP67, IP68 & IP69K Gradconn are the “go to” manufacturer for harsh environment reliability at a cost effective price.

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Board to Board

With pitches ranging from 0.80mm to 5.08mm Gradconn’s Board to board connectors are perfect for all your applications requiring PCB to PCB connection.

With products suitable for planar, vertical & horizontal PCB orientation we have you covered.

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SIM Connectors

Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM) are widely used in applications such as ePOS, security and tracking.

Gradconn’s SIM connector are designed for ease of use, long term reliability and price competitiveness through lean manufacturing process.

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