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Select board to board connectors you need, not just the ones you can find

New Additions to the IP Rated Coaxial Connector and Cable Assemblies

Introducing GradConn’s Board to Board Parallel Stacking Calculator

Finding the right connectors for a board stacking application can be time consuming. It can also be a struggle to work out which connectors are mating pairs, which stacking heights are possible and if they are available in the mounting style you need. Often it ends with a design compromise; connectors you can find, rather than the ideal combination, in the heights you actually need. You end up wasting time searching for product when you should in fact be working on the design!

GradConn helps you solve this problem.  Even within our massive range of signal and power board to board connectors, our web-based parallel stacking calculator allows you to select products that match your actual requirement efficiently. Let this intuitive yet comprehensive navigation tool rapidly identify your optimal solution and best price.

Specify your requirements

Once you’ve calculated the best stack height for your application, it’s simply a case of entering the information into the tool.  The calculator lets you input this stack height with tolerances, as well as the PCB connector pitch, number of rows and mounting types.

Following updates to the calculator, the mating pin length on the header is automatically entered in the GradConn part number builder using the selected sockets recommended mating pin length saving you even more time.  Another new enhancement allows the stacking height dimension to also pass over to the part number builder so you get the exact stack height that meets your requirements, eliminating any potential errors.

All combinations of mounting technology are covered, including through hole, surface mount and elevated options for both header and socket. The search encompasses boxed and polarised parts.

Using the search

While entering your dimensions, you can toggle between imperial and metric units. Then, the ‘narrow your search’ facility allows multiple choices for you to compare and contrast solutions.  The search automatically displays results 0.5 mm (.020”) either side of your desired PCB stack height; you can adjust these for both upper and lower tolerance, so you can view alternative options where your design is flexible.

Fast track to a finalised design

Once you’ve found your perfect PCB mating solution, add both halves of the connector to your shopping basket.  Ordering connector samples was never easier.

In addition, you can download 3D models of connectors, to evaluate their dimensional characteristics. It isn’t practical to show all available solutions online, as the number of possible combinations create many thousands of part number options. Instead, you can submit a request for a 3D model drawing meeting your exact requirement - for example 15-way rather than 10-way, or a change in pin length. Once this is validated by GradConn’s sales team, the technical product group produces and delivers the model within a maximum of two working days.

The GradConn Stacking Calculator is here to help identify the perfect connectors for your board stacking application, and ultimately, cut your design’s time to market. See for yourself at


  • Board to Board Stacking Height Calculator


    Board to Board Stacking Height Calculator

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