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Elevated header application examples

The images below shows examples of how customers might use GradConn's board to board elevated headers to connect PCB's in parallel stacking applications.

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Board to board elevated headers

This is a basic building block of board to board connector design. From the left, the first image shows a thru hole stacking header hard soldered into two PCB's.

The next image shows a thru hole elevated header passing thru a mid PCB and going onto connect with a thru hole socket on the top PCB.

The final image shows an SMT socket on the bottom board, a stacking thru hole header and pass thru application, and a thru hole socket on the top PCB.


  1. GradConn's Parallel PCB stacking height calculator, this tool allows you to to define the PCB stack height you seek and filter by connector pitch, number of rows and termination types. You may search in metric or imperial and can even add upper and lower tolerances to see solutions which may be close to your ideal height.
  2. GradConn's board to board connector parametric search, we've filtered this to show all the elevated headers. Continue to filter by connector pitch, mount type, rows, and choose peg and polarisation options to suit your design.
  3. Click to browse all board to board resources.

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