Shrouded Header Options

​ A range of shrouded headers with keyed cut-outs and sockets with bumps offer polarisation which ensures connectors may be plugged together only in the correct orientation

GradConn's board to board connectors include a wide range of boxed headers and polarised sockets. The combination of PCB headers with a outer 'boxed' insulator and mating socket connectors with the appropriate key allows you to design solutions which may be plugged together in the correct orientation only.

Elevated stacking polarised headers are available in all pitch options, allow polarised PCB stacking solutions. GradConn also offer dual row configurations with 1.27mm, 2.00mm & 2.54mm connector pitch spacing, including vertical and right angle headers and sockets, which allows both parallel and co-planar PCB mating.

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gradconn shrouded header options

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