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Board to board Connectors - Boxed Headers and Polarized Sockets

GradConn's board to board connectors includes a wide range of boxed headers and polarised sockets.  The combination of PCB headers with a outer 'boxed' insulator and mating socket connectors with the appropriate key allows you to design solutions which may be plugged together in the correct orientation only.  

GradConn offer options in dual row with 1.27mm, 2.00mm & 2.54mm connector pitch spacing. Including vertical and right angle headers and sockets, which allows both parallel and co-planar PCB mating.   

Elevated stacking polarised headers are available in all pitch options, allow polarised PCB stacking solutions. 

Boxed and polarized board to board connectors

The above image shows the boxed header, standard and elevated with cutout and female socket with keyed style.  

board to board connectors - Boxed header and polarised socket in parallel mating applciation

The above image shows an example of a straight boxed header and straight keyed socket in parallel PCB mating application. 

Board to board connectors - Right angle boxed headers

The above image show examples of boxed right angle connectors, available in 1.27 mm, 2.00 mm & 2.54 mm pitch spacing.   The 2.00mm example BB02-FQ (bottom right) has a key in the centre of the insulator.   The 1.27mm pitch example BB02-BZ, (top left) has gaps in it's outer insulator at both ends, different sizes and a top groove.    

1.  GradConn's parametric search - polarised connectors   Allows you to search the range of polarised board to board connectors.  Filter by pitch, PCB orientation, mount type, gender, with/without locating peg & socket contact types. 

2. GradConn's board to board connector, overview page.    


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