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IPEX MHF I Right Angle Plug to SMA Straight Jack Reverse Polarity (RP) Rear Bulkhead mount - CABLE 044 RF
Connector A: IPEX MHF I Right Angle Plug (alternative to Hirose U.FL)
Connector A: Ipex Part Number/s - 20278-112R-13
Connector B: SMA Straight Jack Reverse Polarity (RP) Rear Bulkhead mount
Cable Options: 1.13mm ø, RG178, 1.37mm ø
Working Frequency Range: DC to 3GHz
Best Price!
Coaxial Cable Assembly Overview
coaxial cable assembly
GradConn offer a wide variety of coaxial cable assemblies, with particular strength in micro coaxial cables for wireless markets, such as GSM, GPS, Wireless LAN (WLAN), Wi-Fi, Zigbee Z-Wave, EnOcean and Bluetooth.
Micro applications often use a micro coax cable assembly mating with a wireless module on the PCB, a length of cable is often used to break out of the product via an interface connector with a cutout in the bulkhead.
These options allow customers to plug in an antenna or further extension cable on the opposite side of the bulkhead.
Coxial Cable Assembly Builder
coaxial builder
Create your custom Coaxial cable assembly easily with our assembly builder
Nautilus Waterproof IP67 & IP68 Cable Assemblies
Nautilus waterproof ip67 ip68 cable assemblies
Nautilus is a range of panel mounted waterproof coaxial cable assemblies which offer IP67 & IP68 protection from moisture and particle ingress mated and unmated.

Waterproof interface connectors mounted in an enclosure feature an internal seal and O-Ring which prevents ingress of water and particles thru both the inner contact and thru panel.
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