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Stripped and Tinned Coaxial Cable Assemblies

See our range of stripped coaxial cable assemblies or use our coax cable assembly builder to specify your perfect cable assembly with stripped insulation and tinned conductors or with stripped insulation and tinned centre conductor and tinned braid.

Gradconn have capability to provide the following options:

Twisted braid and tinned cable

Stripped cable with tinned centre conductor and braid, used for solder termination of cable assemblies to a printed circuit board. If the braid length is less than 10.00mm then the braid itself will be tinned, for lengths of 10.00mm or above a piece of tinned flexible copper wire is soldered to the braid.
Twisted braid and tinned cable Twisted braid and tinned cable drawing

Technical Notes/constraints:
  • Cable length: Minimum 40mm
  • Centre Conduction:
    • Tin dimension: Standard fully tinned
  • Tinned Braid/Shield:
    • Tin dimension: Standard fully tinned.
  • Cable diameter:
    • Recommended 1.32mm or RG178.
    • 1.13mm is possible, but not recommended as braiding is thin and after tinning may become brittle.
  • Tolerance of soldered copper wire soldered to braid:
    • For standard 10mm length, the tolerance is +/-1mm.

Special options are available, for example: Tolerance, braid orientation and tin dimension changes. Contact GradConn with your requirements.

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