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Connector specialist GradConn launches a Micro USB2.0 connector range

Used in a variety of handheld applications, µUSB2.0 fits perfectly in I/O applications where high durability is required. Micro USB achieves 10,000 mating cycles, twice that of Mini USB connectors.

Micro USB2.0 offers a very low profile, standard mounting is on the underside of the PCB with height below the PCB of 2.35mm. In space-critical applications a PCB cut-out allows the use of the middle mount versions which offer a reduced height below the PCB of only 1.6mm.

GradConn's range of Micro USB2.0 connectors are available in both B and AB mating configuration, type A allows for standard USB peripheral applications while type A/B is suitable for On-The-Go applications which allow a device to be both host & peripheral. Metal thru hole stakes and optional plastic pegs provide strength in your application while passive latching prevents unintentional cable release.

To speed up your design you can refine your search, or alternatively contact your local GradConn sales office now for pricing and free samples.
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