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3D Models for CH03-GB

All 3D Model files associated with this series are displayed below.

File Name Size (MB)
CH03-GB060-ABR_rev1.0.IGS 7.43
CH03-GB060-ABR_rev1.0.STEP 6.09
CH03-GB060-ABR_rev1.0.x_t 2.02
CH03-GB060-ABR_rev1.1.IGS 4.12
CH03-GB060-ABR_rev1.1.STEP 6.03
CH03-GB060-ABR_rev1.1.x_t 3.46
CH03-GB080-ABR_rev1.0.IGS 5.76
CH03-GB080-ABR_rev1.0.STEP 6.15
CH03-GB080-ABR_rev1.0.x_t 1.30
CH03-GB080-ABR_rev1.1.IGS 4.36
CH03-GB080-ABR_rev1.1.STEP 6.42
CH03-GB080-ABR_rev1.1.x_t 3.69
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