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3D Models - Series: BB02-KS

All 3D Model files associated with this series are displayed below. If you can't find the model you are looking for you can request it here

Models with 08 contacts

File Name Size (MB)
BB02-KS082-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.IGS 0.53
BB02-KS082-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.STEP 0.53
BB02-KS082-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.x_t 0.32

Models with 10 contacts

File Name Size (MB)
BB02-KS102-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.IGS 0.59
BB02-KS102-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.STEP 0.59
BB02-KS102-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.x_t 0.35

Models with 12 contacts

File Name Size (MB)
BB02-KS122-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.IGS 1.34
BB02-KS122-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.STEP 0.65
BB02-KS122-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.x_t 0.38
BB02-KS122-X0X-B00000_rev2.1.IGS 1.23
BB02-KS122-X0X-B00000_rev2.1.STEP 0.59
BB02-KS122-X0X-B00000_rev2.1.x_t 0.35

Models with 14 contacts

File Name Size (MB)
BB02-KS142-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.IGS 0.73
BB02-KS142-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.STEP 0.71
BB02-KS142-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.x_t 0.41

Models with 26 contacts

File Name Size (MB)
BB02-KS262-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.IGS 1.12
BB02-KS262-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.STEP 1.08
BB02-KS262-X0X-A00000_rev2.1.x_t 0.59
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